DVMA President Greg Matusky wrote a pointed post today about the most surprising aspect of last night’s debate. It had nothing to do with candidate gaffes or presumed animosities. Rather, it was both candidates’ surprisingly positive opinions of domestic energy development as each positioned themselves as more pro-drilling than the other. It’s no surprise, considering the transformative power of shale gas development in this country, and the role Pennsylvania will play in that process.

What brings about this consensus? A desperate need for economic improvement here in the US is driving both parties to embrace domestic energy development, and shale gas is the logical energy source of choice. Matusky writes, “Putting Americans back to work in large part depends on ending our country’s destructive addiction to foreign oil and replacing it with domestically produced energy.”

For more insight on what this means to anyone doing business, living or working in the Delaware Valley, read the full post.