The DVMA was created as a vehicle to educate and inform businesses in the Delaware Valley to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, literally on their doorstep, that has grown over the past 5 years from a sideline curiosity on Pennsylvania’s economic scene to the driving force behind the Commonwealth’s economic future – The Marcellus Shale Industry. Therefore, with great pride, we would like to report that the third Marcellus Shale meeting, “Cashing in on Natural Gas,” was a spectacular success.

During the half-day seminar, attendees learned valuable tips and tricks on how to get involved in the booming opportunities in the Marcellus and other shale gas areas. The panel consisted of:

Matt Henderson, Shale Gas Asset Manager of Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach & Research (MCOR)

Henderson discussed the drilling activity in the Marcellus, Utica, and other new shale discoveries. He focused on the expanding opportunities in Pennsylvania and noted that if we develop more wells, we will extend the state’s shale play. Henderson noted that researchers have been seeing a remarkable increase of shale gas production in Pennsylvania within the last two years and the state’s economic growth has been on an upward trajectory since 2008, due to natural gas.

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George Stark of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

Stark provided an overview of Cabot Oil & Gas and its drilling activity in the Marcellus Shale. Cabot looked to Susquehanna County for drilling opportunities and began its drilling in 2007. The corporation signed on 400 to 500 contractors, increasing partnerships and local jobs for the area. Stark stressed to business leaders who are interested in capitalizing in natural gas that they need to determine how their business fits into the shale play.

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Adam Diaz of Diaz Companies

Diaz provided attendees an overview of how his company, Diaz Companies, started from the ground up, taking advantage of Northern Pennsylvania drilling-related opportunities. Diaz Companies first began as a stone and pallet business in Susquehanna County, but quickly grew after Diaz saw the need for trash disposal at nearby drilling rigs. From manufacturing and distributing stone and pallet, Diaz Companies also became a disposal company, catering to the gas and oil industry. Not too long after, Adam Diaz partnered with Cabot Oil & Gas, growing his company from a $2 million to a $50 million business in three years. Currently, his company employs 250 workers all from Susquehanna County. We were so impressed with Diaz’s story that we plan to do a special feature on his success and ability to determine opportunities within the gas industry. Keep an eye out for this in the upcoming weeks.

Jim Ladlee, Associate Director of Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach & Research (MCOR)

Ladlee highlighted the drilling process for oil and gas as well as the supply chain opportunities at its different phases. He explained that the biggest challenge for the oil and gas industry is finding workers who are willing to work long hours and be on the clock 24/7. Ladlee noted that knowing the high priority occupations, networking, patience and perseverance, and having a plan will help businesses meet the needs of shale decision makers and become successful.

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Joe Barone, President of

Barone emphasized five crucial steps for those looking to grow their business in the Marcellus. The steps included, getting out of your comfort zone, knowing your skills and message, having an effective strategy, networking, and following–up. He noted that oil and gas producers are always looking for innovators and people who can provide new ideas and ways to drill, but ultimately safety supersedes everything.

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Aaron Black, Manager of Business Development at East Coast Risk Management

Black outlined how oil and gas operators can implement safety programs to receive the safety ratings necessary to work in the industry. He also went on to discuss the pre-qualification requirements and what safety programs are mandatory prior to starting business in the gas industry.

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Darlyn McDermott, Energy Practice Leader of Keystone Shale Solutions

McDermott discussed the importance of insurance in Master Service Agreements (MSA) and how insurance for the oil and gas industry differs from traditional liability insurance. She further highlighted Master Service Agreements and how crucial it is for businesses to work with knowledgeable attorneys, accountants, and brokers.

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Michael Ryan, Sales & Business Development Manager of Teksolv

Ryan informed attendees why safety is one of the top issues for doing business in the Marcellus, and how Teksolv comes into play to meet these safety concerns. Teksolv is one of the leading suppliers of safety services to the industry and built a seven-figure business from scratch.

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We were so pleased with the event’s turnout and would like to thank our speakers for providing valuable resources and tips to business leaders who want to cash in on natural gas. We would also like to recognize our generous sponsors (Aqua America, Pilot Freight Services, Philadelphia Business Journal, and Fulton Bank), Commissioner Terence Farrell, and everyone who came out to learn more about the exploding developments in the oil and gas industry. We hope you can join us for our next meeting in the spring.